Music Sales

In the background on BBC at the moment is some article about how music sales are declining. They say it’s a paradox, how these days more people listen to more music of more styles in more ways, that there is a music renaissance, and yet no-one can figure out how to make money on it.

At the same time I am thinking that the same argument is being regurgitated month after month and year after year, and no-one has figured out that the internet service providers and the telecommunication companies, whom we pay to access this music, are laughing all the way to the bank.

The fact that one small group of elite companies (owning the world’s recordings) cannot make an agreement with another group of elite companies (who run the internet infrastructure and charge us to use it), should not be my problem. It just shows how backward these dinosaurs are, despite the tech they sell or use. There is no need for clever business models here. The content providers just need to make the right arrangements with those who are distributing it to us and charging us for it.